Gladdening the heart: The annual Samadhi/Jhana retreat with Sari Markkanen (Online)

Gladdening the Heart

The annual Samadhi and Jhana retreat (online)
5th January 2023 – 11th January 2023

Teachers: Yahel Avigur and Sari Markkanen

This retreat will support deepening the practice of Samadhi and Jhana. Over our years of practice under the guidance of Rob Burbea we have found amazing beauty and resources in this line of practice. We invite you who already have some familiarity with these practices and want to explore more of the subtle, delicate beauty they offer to a week of dedicated and supported practice.

This retreat was initiated by members of a weekly, self-organized online group, that meets to share around samadhi and jhana practice as taught by Rob Burbea. More details and registration at the link below:

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