Yahel Avigur is a devoted meditator and Dharma teacher that practices, lives, and teaches in Tel Aviv. 

In 2013, after practicing in the Theravada and insight meditation traditions, Yahel met the Dharma teacher Rob Burbea and became a student of his. Yahel was encouraged by Rob to teach the path of Emptiness Practices as described in Seeing that Frees and Rob’s unique approach to jhana practice. He was also invited to train in teaching Soulmaking Dharma under the guidance of Catherine McGee. 

Yahel offers the art of meditation as a path of ever growing attunement, sensitivity and subtlety. Directed by the teachings of Dependent origination and Emptiness, this path leads to liberating realizations and beautiful states of being. 

Yahel is also trained in the Hakomi approach of assisted self study.